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How should custom furniture choose hardware?
2017-12-26 16:56:31

      The wardrobe is a necessity of living at home. It seems that every woman wants to have a big wardrobe, which is full of beautiful clothes... So what do you care about your wardrobe? The accessories of the wardrobe hardware also affect the quality and beauty of the overall wardrobe. The following is a detailed introduction to the wardrobe hardware accessories purchasing techniques. Let you buy custom closets in the future, not caught by surprise.

Technique 1: hinge type hardware

      The main types of hinges are door hinges, drawer rails and cabinet hinges. In order to turn on the easy noise, the hinge bearing is preferred.

      Drawer slideway is divided into two, two, three rail section rail when the choice of exterior paint and electroplating brightness, bearing the clearance between the wheel and the strong sexual determines the drawer open and close flexibly and noise, should choose wear-resisting and uniform bearing wheel rotation.


      Cupboard door hinge is divided into take off discharge type and not take off discharge type two kinds, select the hinge hinge in addition to the visual and touch feel smooth Yao slide, hinge spring reset should be paid attention to performance better, can open the hinge 95 degrees, with the hand will hinge on both sides, you push hard on the observations support spring deformation, broken, strong enough for the quality of qualified products.


Technique 2: Locks : pull hand, hold hand lock and so on

      The material of the handle is zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, log, ceramic and so on. In order to match with the furniture of all kinds of style, the shape that pulls the hand, color is 1000 endowment of 100 state, colorful. After electroplating and the shake handshandle of electrostatic painting, have wear resistant and corrosion resistant effect, when the choice besides and bedroom adornment style is consistent, still should be able to bear large pulling force, the general should be able to withstand more than 6 kgs of tension.


Technique 3: Check the veneer furniture to be stitched together

      Whether to stick wood veneer, PVC or paste prepaint paper, all must pay attention to whether the leather son is pressed flat, have not have drum, bubbling, the spelling is not strict phenomenon. You should look at the light, not out of sight. Planer veneer piece furniture, the ground part must seal edge, unsealing side board can absorb tide, rise and damage. General veneer furniture corner place easy to be cocked up, when choosing, can use hand to dig a corner, if a pick is up, explain to use glue to have a problem.

      Good quality hardware fittings, chest opened the cupboard door (push-pull) is quiet, and very smooth, no way, in daily life, of course, also want to learn how to clean and maintain, can prolong the service life of the wardrobe.

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